Hand-Engraved Glass & Crystal

Specializing in Nature & Wildlife engravings.

Before I first began glass engraving 8 years ago, I went through a large amount of research.

I learned, I could be risking my life each time I worked. Because simply inhaling glass dust is deadly. 

I had to accept the reality, I was choosing an extremely dangerous career.

Having to design & create my own workbench (because this was not something you could simply purchase), gave me the ability to think through different engraving methods and precautions I needed to take seriously to keep myself safe. Even when all of this health scare is over and everyone else goes back to their normal routines, this will continue to be my daily work attire for as long as I engrave glass. Part of these safeguards is and has been, that each glass item I work on is thoroughly washed a minimum, of 3 times before it is packed for shipment for the safety of myself and all of you. Along with the fact that if you have purchased from me before, you know cleaning instructions are included with your shipment and I can be annoying with my instructions to ALWAYS wash before first use!

While I am the only employee and prefer no one go into the studio under normal conditions, because of the health concerns in our world at this time, on Friday March 13, 2020, I stopped engraving, started cleaning tools, equipment, etc.. and then felt the need to just take a break from work for a bit and let the studio sit, while I dealt with the events in our world. I have decided I will resume engraving on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Cleaning will still continue on a daily basis. Pre-engraved items are kept in closed cabinets and all items will be washed an additional time before packaging. Packaging materials have always kept in plastic tubs to prevent dust and not pulled out unless I am packaging for shipping. I will continue to take every precaution necessary for the health and safety of myself and all of you. Yes, I will continue to be annoying as always and insist, WASH BEFORE FIRST USE!

Please take the necessary precautions to help keep you, your family and your communities safe.

I am available via phone, email & Messenger for questions, concerns, purchases and custom orders.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during this challenging time for us all.

Wishing you all health & safety.


While this is not the ideal photo I would like to share of myself, I have been working like this everyday for 8 years.  It is my hope that it will bring some comfort to know, I continue to do my part to ensure my safety and yours.


Products for Everyday Use, Gifts and Special Occasions!


Products for Home Decor, Gifts and Special Events!


Glass charms created from Kiln-fired, Wine Bottle Glass.

Hint: Dip necklace tips in lemongrass oil for instant Bug Repellent Jewelry.


Useful Products for your home created from driftwood, wine crates, fused glass, seashells and fired/slumped bottles!

The Spirits of Driftwood Beach

Coffeetable Photobook & Prints guaranteed conversation starters!

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