Hand-Carved Glass & Crystal

Specializing in Nature & Wildlife carvings.

CAUTION: Inhaling glass dust is deadly! If you choose to attempt etching, engraving or carving on your own, please research & take the necessary precautions based on your chosen method (dry or wet). 

Masks & gloves are required safety attire for all processes.

Every glass item is thoroughly washed before it is packed for shipment.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support during this challenging time for us all.

Wishing you all health & safety.


At this time the online shop consists of:

Kiln Fired, Glass Jewelry and

"The Spirits of Driftwood Beach"photo book & prints. 

To Purchase Carved Glass items: 

please *submit your custom order form, 

contact artist directly via text, phone, email or messenger or

*go to: facebook.com/VinsonArts/  

(See the "Get it Now" albums for finished products.)


Products for Home Decor, Gifts and Special Events!

Home  Accents

Hand-engraving services for glass tabletops, wall dividers, door inserts & sidelites!


Glass Jewelry

Glass charms created from Kiln-fired, Wine Bottle Glass.

Hint: Dip necklace tips in lemongrass oil for instant Bug Repellent Jewelry.

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