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Cynthia M. Vinson/Vinson Arts Policies & Procedures

Cynthia M. Vinson/Vinson Arts reserves the right to change, add or remove policies & procedures as we deem fit without notification of any manner. Please read thoroughly before agreeing. We try to be as upfront & clear as possible.

Glass engravings are each created by hand and signed by artist. No sand, acid, lasers or computer programs are used. Our designs can be engraved on another piece of glass but will always be a unique piece of art.

Please note: occasional air bubbles, chill marks and flow lines are a natural occurrence in even the finest of glass. These and other variations are not defects, they simply ensure your glass is unique!

Buyer is responsible for all taxes, shipping & handling charges and/or delivery fees. Shipping & handling charges and/or delivery fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

All orders are binding and may not be cancelled or changed by customer once payment is made. Because of the nature of our artwork, we do not accept returns.

Purchases generally ship within one to three days after payment has cleared. GLASS ITEMS REQUIRE USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING because our “one of a kind” items can be extremely fragile, and requiring this helps ensure safer, delivery with tracking number, confirmation & insurance. PLEASE UNDERSTAND: IF YOU PURCHASE A GLASS ITEM AND CHOOSE FIRST CLASS MAIL SHIPPING, WE ARE UNABLE TO INSURE AND GUARANTEE YOUR ITEM DURING SHIPPING.


Once received by client, items are not under warranty, guaranteed, insured or refundable. Every effort is made to help ensure safe delivery.


If an item arrives damaged…

1) client must contact us immediately by phone or e-mail upon receiving the package.

2) an email or text with a photograph of the damaged item in original packaging must be submitted.

3) we will then discuss viable options to replace the item and correct this situation.

Client MUST contact us with photos of the damaged item in original packaging within 24 hours of delivery to receive options for damaged items. Refunds are only considered on an independent situation basis.

If for some unforeseen reason on our part, we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified asap & we will then discuss ways to rectify the situation.



Once a custom order request is received, you are contacted via phone by the artist to confirm the details of your design request, size & type of glass with a price approximation.

A confirmation email is then sent with attached invoice confirming client & artist conversation including details of request, price, tax, shipping & handling and all applicable fees.

Client then replies to confirmation email and submits payment of 50% of invoice to verify acceptance of the agreement.


A minimum of 2 weeks production time is required on all small, single image, custom pieces. For all complex, large, full scene or multiple person images, production time can be much longer.

While every attempt is made to engrave personalized items as they appear on images received, every piece is engraved by hand. No computers, lasers, sand or acid etching is used. So please understand, we must reserve the right of "creative license as artists" to make any adjustments needed, to provide you with the best likeness possible within our abilities.

The client MUST OWN the rights to any content/photo submitted for engraving and upon submission grant its licensor and/or any other associated person or entity of Cynthia M. Vinson/Vinson Arts permission to use submission and all work created from submission in any manner Cynthia M. Vinson/Vinson Arts deems appropriate for future advertising, marketing campaigns or other purposes. Client agrees to also release all rights in writing if & when requested to do so by its licensor and/or any other associated person or entity of Cynthia M. Vinson/Vinson Arts.

We DO NOT engrave another person or company's copyrighted images. So please do NOT send any request for us to do so, WE WILL DECLINE your request. All designs on website are our own or those that have been submitted & released for our use & are all protected under copyright laws.


We recycle when possible and are proud to have amazing participants constantly on the lookout for rare, unique, vintage & antique (previously loved) glass or crystal items. So please understand a portion of our stock is recycled before making the decision to purchase. Vintage or antique items state this fact in their descriptions. We do our best to clean & choose only the best pieces to rejuvenate with our engravings. Brand new items are normally chosen for custom orders unless otherwise specified & agreed upon in consultation.

We are not liable for any damages, injuries and/or death to any person through the purchase, gift and/or use of any item from this website. Items on this site are designed for adult use and not suggested for anyone under the age of 16. Consumers who choose to purchase our items acknowledge they do so at their own risk.

Care Instructions:

Always wash food & drink items thoroughly before first use. To preserve the integrity of your engraving, hand wash in warm water with dish soap & towel dry. Do not place engraved glass in dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, stoves or ovens of any kind.

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