Carved Glass Galleries

Featured Gallery

The items in this Featured Gallery are complete and ready to purchase. Perfect for those short on time!

Due to recent supplier shortages, some of the glassware shown, will no longer be available.

So when you find your favorite, submit your purchase request form quickly.

Previous Designs Gallery

The items in the Previous Designs Gallery are examples of previously engraved (carved) designs and glassware. Most designs can be carved into a variety of glass products found in the gallery located on the custom order page.

Stained-Glass Ornament Gallery

The Stained-Glass Ornament Gallery showcases our exclusive, custom made ornaments.

Created from actual stained-glass, they are hand-cut, hand-drilled and hand-carved. 

Available in 2 sizes (3 inch or 4 inch) and 2 styles (Display Stand or Hanging). 

New designs are constantly being created. new colors are being added and new features are being developed to offer you the most unique, variety of custom, colorful ornaments for any occasion!

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